Commercial / Industrial Solutions

  • Commercial/Industrial solar PV solutions are aimed at businesses and government agencies such as: Industrial and warehouse facilities, office and government buildings and education facilities.
  • Solar PV technology allows for energy reduction in a growing economy, especially in commercial and industrial sectors.
  • Therefore, providing a solar energy source and connecting it to the grid would lead to lower utility cost relative to the grid.

Car Park Solar Systems

  • Solar car parking systems are park shading solutions aimed at parking lots such as commercial buildings, private and business parking areas.
  • Solar car parks allow parking areas to enable energy creation through solar systems, while creating shade for cars.
  • The system provides a contemporize aesthetics visualization with a noticeable solar system generating power.

Building Integrated Photovoltaic (BIPV)

  • BIPV is designed to integrate solar glass on glass PV modules on the building’s façade.
  • BIPV allows solar power generation from glass façade materials which otherwise be utilized with conventional glass material.
  • BIPV could be used in all sun facing commercial buildings including rooftop skylights.

Residential Solar Systems

  • Installing a solar PV system on a household rooftop and connecting it to the electrical grid allows residential households to reduce their CO2 emissions.
  • This also contribute towards achieving utility bill savings.

PV Hybrid

  • Designed for off-grid remote locations such as: Private Islands, Desert Resorts and Oil & Gas fields.
  • Can be integrated with the grid, generators and battery banks, allowing for a diversified source of energy.
  • The key aim is to reduce diesel consumption leading to better air quality, noise reduction and less spending on diesel.

Electrical Vehicle Stations

  • With the start of the Electric car revolution, we are introducing EV charging stations for residential, commercial and public areas.